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Kevin Smith announces he will seek the office of Mayor in 2019

Former Mayor Kevin Smith announced today that he will seek the office of Anderson Mayor in 2019 to build upon the progress made during his two former terms.

He knows Anderson needs progress, hope and success. Smith has drafted a plan to return growth to Anderson. The Smith Plan: 2020, is focused on five vital areas: Job creation; Policing to support our children, families and senior citizens; Ending nepotism; Establishing a higher quality of life; and Assuring our utilities, infrastructure and streets benefit people and attract new business. He will expand on these areas during the coming weeks.

Smith said, “Anderson is an important city within Indiana. We are blessed with a perfect location for a variety of businesses and families. We are at a critical point in time. Anderson has shown that it can compete with large and small cities in and around the State to win new jobs, attract new people, and build a city that is economically diverse. For Anderson to continue to succeed, we must focus on building an exciting, dynamic, and professional city rather than relying on nepotism and good old boy politics which result in jobs for very few.”

During Mayor Smith’s former terms, he was successful in recruiting new jobs and business to Anderson from around the globe as well as building relationships with academic leaders to ensure Anderson was molding students to assume lucrative job positions through technical training. Nestle, GTI, NTN, Sirmax, Mancor, CB Fabricating and many others found a home in Anderson. The benefits for Anderson have multiplied as companies both expanded and added sister projects…adding more jobs for the people of Anderson. Quality of life grew as Anderson’s river trail was expanded, the Christmas and Independence Day themed parades were revived, and money was saved by moving projects like mowing and blighted home demolition in house when possible. Numerous projects were completed throughout the city.

Smith attributes success to the talented people he recruited to work in Anderson City Government. He said, “Anderson has a good talent pool of people who had never before been recruited to work for the city. Anderson was successful because people love Anderson and they worked hard to make sure Anderson became a leader in Indiana.” Smith noted, Anderson was named as the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Community of the Year during his first term in office.

Kevin Smith retired as a Detective with the Anderson Police Department, where he specialized in investigation of crimes against children. He was a member of the Madison County Council for ten years. Smith has hosted a long-time radio program airing on WHBU radio. WHBU is the second oldest station in Indiana. Kevin lead economic development planning and Chamber of Commerce management elsewhere in Indiana. Kevin is now focused on issues facing senior citizens. His work with Indiana Adult Protective Services resolves problems of exploitation, neglect and abuse. Kevin is a member of Rotary, Mt. Moriah Lodge and Trinity Episcopal Church. He is married to Anita and they have three adult children.

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