“Anderson is an important City within Indiana.  We are blessed with a perfect location for a variety of businesses and families. We are at a critical point in time.  Anderson has shown that it can compete with large and small cities in and around the State to win new jobs, attract new people, and build a City that is economically diverse. For Anderson to continue to succeed, we must focus on building an exciting, dynamic, and professional City rather than relying on nepotism and good old boy politics which result in jobs for very few.”
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Quality Job Creation

Can you name one major new company that’s come to Anderson during the Broderick administration? 


It’s time to restart Anderson’s engine and attract new jobs to our city again.  Mayor Smith attracted thousands of new jobs to Anderson.  Nestle, GTI, Sirmax, NTN, C&B Fabricating, Mancor, Royal Interpack and others came to Anderson when Smith was Mayor.  And these jobs brought about $1 billion in new investment to our city.    


Let’s get Anderson back on the right track!

Bringing Back Professional Policing

Do you have the feeling Anderson faces increasing drug abuse, a feeling that schools aren’t safe for learning and senior citizens are falling victim to crime? 


It’s time to place professionals in the police department again. Our children, families and senior citizens need and deserve professional and caring police.   Mayor Smith designed programs to keep children in school.  He worked to put vocational training in place so graduating seniors would qualify for a new job.  Mayor Smith knows our police officers can do more to help avoid senior citizens becoming victims of crime. 


Let’s focus on Anderson’s children and families again!

Establishing a Higher Quality of Life

Have you asked, “What is there to do in Anderson?”


Mayor Smith opened the Rangeline Nature Preserve for bikes and walkers.  He built the major new section of the River Trail.  He planned the “blue bridge” project. The skate park was built.   But there is more that can rebuild Anderson’s quality of life.  Mayor Smith has a 17 point plan to rebuild our downtown.  His plans include rebuilding Athletic Park, changing old fashioned one way streets, a trail through historic districts and more.  He wants to attract more shops and people.  And these plans for downtown radiate with trails to north, south, east and west. 


Let’s get Anderson growing again!

Honest Government

Do you think Anderson government is honest?  Do you believe it’s wrong to hire a politician’s kids before other people get a chance? 


Mayor Smith signed an anti-nepotism law to stop this practice.  He recruited and hired people from all walks of life.   He believes city leadership strength is the diversity of its community.  Mayor Smith appointed minority and women to their first leadership positions. 


Whether young, old, minority or women… Anderson needs this insight again!

Improving our Utilities, Infrastructure and Streets

Have you asked, “What do my utility bills pay for?” 


Mayor Smith invested to assure Anderson’s water utility was sound.  He wanted to assure Anderson didn’t suffer the fate Flint Michigan is known for.  He planned expansion of the wells that feed our system and a new water tower to keep new jobs flowing into our industrial park.  Mayor Smith built new roads and bridges to keep Anderson traffic moving and jobs growing.  In fact, Anderson was named the Indiana Community of the Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce during Mayor Smith. 


Let’s make Anderson the best city in the state again!